Public system:

There are 2 school boards offered: Lester B. Pearson School Board for the English schools and La Commission Scolaire Marguerite Bourgeoys for the French. For both school boards, school registration and busing is based on geographical zoning.

Private System

There are also many private schools in the Montreal area, offering instruction in either English, French, or both. Many are located closer to downtown Montreal, however there are several located in the West Island. Many parents of children who are not eligible for English schooling have the option of English private schools. Here are the links to some of West Island's private schools:

Higher Education

CEGEP - Collège d'Enseignement G´n´ral et Professionnel
2-year program of pre-university, equivalent to grades 12 & 13. The CEGEP programs are government funded but there is no eligibility requirement to attend English CEGEP. In order to attend a Quebec University, a CEGEP diploma (2 year program) is required.

English CEGEPs

French CEGEPs


English: McGill and Concordia University. French: Universit´ de Montr´al and Universit´ de Qu´bec à Montr´al.